10 Tips For Home Renovations

10 Tips For Home Renovation

Tip 1

Make sure you deal with licensed established contractors– To ensure your construction project runs as smooth as possible make sure you hire a company has been in business for a few years, has a physical location with an office , phone number and website.

Tip 2

Get client references- To ensure good relations with your contractor ask for a few clients references. Also ask to visit a few of these clients to see the quality of workmanship and to discuss schedule, timeliness and price.

Tip 3

Make sure you get a proper quote from all contractors- Before you begin your construction project make sure you receive a proper quotation from your contractor with a detailed breakdown of costs , HST and payment schedule.

Tip 4

Make sure payment is broken down for large projects – For large projects a homeowner may be required to make a down payment, additional payments do not need to be advanced until the prior phase of work is complete. Also ensure there is a holdback until final completion and signoff by you on the project.

Tip 5

Make sure you get a proper invoice from all contractors– All invoices should include the contracting company’s name, address, phone number, and HST number and the amount including materials and labour with HST broken out.

Tip 6

Get separate invoices for all progress payments– If you are looking to apply for Government Rebates it is important to get separate invoices for all progress payments on large construction projects.

Tip 7

New homes need to be Tarion approved– If you are building a new custom home, make sure the Custom Home Builder includes Tarion protection in the quote. This is insurance for you in case of any construction problems with your newly built home.

Tip 8

Make sure all invoices are in your name– To apply for Government Rebates is it important to have all invoices in at least one of the homeowner’s names.

Tip 9

Have a Home Appraiser present for any MPAC visits to your home– If MPAC drops by your home you have the right to reschedule the meeting to have a Home Appraiser present to ensure the home evaluation by MPAC is fair.

Tip 10

Make sure you all aware of all Government Rebates before you start construction- There are several Government funding programs for construction; all with different filing deadlines. It is important to know the timelines for filings to take advantage of these programs.